Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Formal Training Week 11

After the belt ceremony I mentioned in my last post, I still had class to attend. But before I did I spent a few minutes receiving congratulations from those who attended my belt ceremony and congratulating the others who had been promoted with me. I then took my dobok into the bathroom at Equa Do and changed into the bottoms, letting Sensei help me with the top and belt when I came out into the training area.

Chad chose not to change and doing so was not by any means required. I chose to change because fighting in a dobok is very different than fighting in street clothing. The pants to the uniform are specifically designed to be long enough to provide protection for the feet, and the sleeves to the top come about midway down my hand to offer concealment and protection. With so much fabric, it is necessary to adapt your fighting style otherwise you'll trip yourself up.

Once I was properly attired, and back in my chair, we moved into the training space for warmups. We did sixty modified jumping jacks, and our usual arm and wrist stretches. Then, just like the week before, we were told to move over by the upright training dummies for weapons work. We went through the same strikes and techniques we have been working with, so that Chad can improve his accuracy and so I can work on fighting with the weapon with the same fluidity both in and out of uniform.

Shortly before class ended, Sensei reviewed brush trap strike with me, as well as basic blocking. But class was cut short this week because of the formal belt ceremony, so that's why this post is so short. The belt ceremony was actually repeated in an abbreviated form at the end of the Hapkido session, so that Master Eric's son, who does photography, could take pictures of it to be posted on the Equa Do website.

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