Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Formal Training Week 13

Hi everyone. I know this blog hasn't been updated in quite some time, but the stress and responsibility of being a full time college student sort of caught up with me for awhile there. I have managed to find my way out of my endless to do list and will be updating this with the backlog of lessons that occurred in the last few weeks.

The thirteenth week of formal training at Equa Do was much like the twelfth. It was not intended to be that way however. I had asked Sensei to begin working, at least with me, on how to use my knowledge of hapkido if I was standing on crutches. Obviously, in order to learn this, I need to actually use my crutches. But when Chad and Robbie arrived at Equa Do they discovered they had forgotten a pair for Chad. Rather than simply alienate Chad and have him sit there and do nothing, Sensei found us an out of the way area to work on things that did not require the crutches.

We did our typical warmups, (stretches and half jumping jacks) and then continued the blocking work we had begun the week previous to this. Chad still seemed to have trouble with the concept, often using the circular motion we have been taught to use for evading grabs rather than simply brushing it out of the way. This led to him pulling the foam weapon stand-in closer to his body in most cases, and had the weapon been real he would have been injured if not killed. I stopped the session once again and corrected him, inadvertently frustrating him and causing Sensei to lecture him on taking criticism better from those with more experience.

As short as this blog post is, that really is all we managed to accomplish, and so this one will get ended here.

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