Sunday, February 5, 2012

Formal Training Week 25 Part 2

I still insisted on going to class on the last Thursday of winter break, despite feeling quite ill. I had not kept food down in several days, but as this is not uncommon with my panic disorder and the reaction to the extremely cold weather thanks to having Cerebral Palsy, I thought nothing of it.

There was a huge snowstorm this night, so there wasnt really much of a plan as far as class went. I had Erin stop at Loew's on the way to the school, and using some of my holiday money, bought a few pine boards of the proper dimension for board breaks.

When we got to Equa Do we did a bit of sparring, and worked on using sticks, as well as knife and cane. Then near the end of class I set out to break as many of those boards as I could. Sensei broke a board, simply cause he hadn't in a while, I broke four, one after another, and Erin even accomplished her first board break. Three of my four breaks were captured on video, (thank goodness for cell phones) and I will post links to them once they have been added to the Equa Do website.

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