Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Formal Training Week 9

This week was very strange. Everything has been very out of sorts, and it almost didn't surprise me when Sensei beat me to Equa Do. Sensei lost a close friend this week, and so he wanted to spend time talking with Master Markus and Master Eric about it. He also allowed me to comfort him as much as I was able. In addition, Sensei, like me, sees Equa Do as a second home and thinks of the instructors and other students as family. For both of us, Equa Do is somewhere we go to heal and regain balance.

I ended up in the back office for a bit, snuggling with Spike because if I wanted to be totally honest, seeing Sensei so lost and hurt is hurting and scaring me. Sensei and I then took a short walk and by the time we got back it was time to prepare for class.  Unfortunately, Anthony was not there, so that meant Sensei had to lead class, as the highest belt there, despite his personal situation.

Sensei worked with me on the stuff I need to know for Saturday's belt test, once we had done our usual jumping jacks and stretching. For the full list that we covered, see " Formal Training Week Eight Prologue". Near the end of the session, Master Eric came over and showed us a proper choke hold. Because of my chair, I would have to choke from the side, one arm slamming into the back of the neck, the other coming across the collarbone and against the throat. However because it was near the end of class, and because its so close to testung, we did not really practice the new skill.

After our usual end of lesson routine, we were given the schedule for next session, and those who were ready to test were asked to fill out the proper forms. I did, and then said goodnight.


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