Thursday, September 22, 2011

Goals for Yellow Belt Training

I have undoubtedly come very far since I began training at Equa Do, or I would not have earned my white belt this past weekend. I am proud and honored to have finally reached this important milestone, as I have been working toward it since May. However, with each milestone we accomplish on whatever journey we find ourselves currently engrossed in, we should re-evaluaute our goals, to check ones we have met off our to do list, identify areas we are still working on, and create new ones pertaining to our newly accquired skills or experiences. In my mind, the milestone markers in Hapkido are the belt levels, which means it is time to re-evaluate my goals.

I have certainly met my initial goal of learning basic blocks and strikes, as well as my goal of uing an actual cane as opposed to a training weapon. I would like to polish my precision and speed with these techniques.

I would like to get better on fighting via instinct, and using senses other than sight. I still struggle with even the basics once Sensei has my glasses off. In partnership with this, I would like my accuracy and reaction time to improve.

Sensei has already begun teaching me to look for opportune moments in combat, and one thing I would like to improve on in this area is not showing my intent on my face when I am able to recognize these moments and am about to take advantage of one.

I would like to learn to anticipate things less, and keep my body relaxed rather than tense. Sometimes I am known to react too quickly, and I lose the upper hand as a result.

The list is long, but that's okay. And I know some of these goals won't actually be met by the time I am ready to test for yellow belt. Some of these areas simply require time and practice to improve, and I am just going to have to be patient.

I know I'm up for the challenge.


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