Saturday, September 1, 2012

Formal Training Week 32

Following the success of the St. Baldrick's event, I was eager to continue my training but still had that pesky wrist injury to deal with. As it was still causing some pain this week, warm ups were kept light, and mostly focused on whole arm or torso movements.

Due to the injury it was difficult to learn much in the way of new techniques, so we ended up going back to a lot of white belt level material and working on blocks especially. As frustrating as this was, it definitely gave me an opportunity to strengthen the left side, which is typically weaker.

Part of the reason such precaution was taken was because at this point I was only a few weeks away from green belt testing, and with how hard I had been working, Master Eric didn't want me to delay my test if I did not have to. As such, even practicing Tai Chi was put on hold, and the lesson was cut short.

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