Sunday, September 2, 2012

Formal Training Week 34 Part 2

The second class I attended at Equa Do during the last week of March was my typical Thursday lesson, however this class was momentous in that it was my last class before I traveled to Joliet to participate in the Tai Chi Seminar. In light of that fact, most of the lesson time was spent reviewing the Tai Chi.

The conversation at one point turned to the accomodations for the trip, and I became very anxious, going as far as running outside of the dojang and taking off my belt. Part of the anxiety was fueled by the fact that Master Eric and Grandmaster Moore were essentially paying my way for the seminar and I was afraid of letting them down. Add to that Chad being wary of me sharing a hotel room with Sensei and you had the perfect storm. I almost decided not to go at all, but in the end, I calmed down and decided to take the opportunity.

We went through the Tai Chi form one more time, then it was time to bow out. Little did Sensei and I know our night was only beginning. On the way home, we were exiting the highway when someone tried to speed past us on the exit ramp. Because it had been raining, we ended up losing control and spinning into a ditch at the side of the road. Neither of us had money for a tow truck and the policeman that stopped to check if we were alright wasn't much help. Sensei's parents came and tried to help but were unsuccessful, and in the end a Good Samaritan had to pull us out.

I was startled, but came away with only a few pulled muscles and some whiplash.


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