Saturday, December 31, 2011

Formal Training Week 22

December 22 marked my 22nd week of training at Equa Do and the first of my training hours toward green belt. As the school was technically closed for winter break and it had been by special request that it was opened for me, almost no one was there. It was literally me, Master Markus, Erin, and Sensei.

We were able to warm up and start class a little early as a result and Sensei chose to do so. We warmed up and then took a break so we could eat dinner and give ourselves some energy. Since it was not officially a class night warmups were kept simple and only took roughly five minutes.

When we got back in the training area from eating, Sensei asked me what I felt like working on. Again, without it being a formal class night, Sensei kind of was able to let me have free reign over what it was I wanted to do. I chose knife work. We reviewed the ten point strike, then moved onto using the knife in combat, whether against armed or unarmed assailants. The trick is to never forget you have two hands. The off (unarmed) hand should be used to assist in blocking and manipulating the opponent's body to allow you to strike at the most harmful points rather than simply slashing blindly and hoping it hurts.

I had really been hoping Anthony, one of my original instructors, would be there so that maybe he could give me something new to learn and also see how far I have come since he last worked with me. He originally promised Sensei he would be there but apparently forgot or spaced out because he did not come. This caused most of our remaining time to be eaten up by a severe panic attack and a flare up of my abandonment issues that were caused by my parents.

We did, however, have time to demonstrate my knife and cane work for Master Markus. He deemed it most impressive.

More soon.


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