Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Formal" Training Week 19

Week 19 of my formal training fell on Thanksgiving, so there was no actual class. However, Sensei's family is struggling financially and unable to do it there. They got invited elsewhere, but Sensei was uncomfortable attending due to family tensions. As a result he accepted an invitation to spend Thanksgiving with me.

He arrived around one thirty, and we sat and talked while waiting for dinner to be done. We had both chosen to wear our doboks, as they are extremely comfortable and being in mine helps me stay calmer because for me it is connected with the focus the martial arts requires. Tensions between me and Chad's mom were running a bit high, and I did not appreciate her badmouthing me to Sensei or badmouthing the martial arts in general. By the time the table had been cleared I was upset and in definite need of a cool down so we took a walk outside.

I literally broke down crying, as the realization that the man who is like a father to me was only able to shield me for a few hours hit me full force. Once he got me distracted and calmed down we came back inside. He took me to my bedroom that I shared with Chad to warm up and finish calming down.

After we ate dessert, Sensei took me through strike reps and basic techniques to provide the sense of routine my anxiety so desperately needs. We did a little bit of sparring to help me deal with anger and tension. So even on Thanksgiving, I got my training hour in. :)

I was more than ready to get out of my chair at that point and so Chad, Sensei and myself went back into the bedroom and watched A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, Top Secret Recipe, and Trick My What? The night finished off with me falling asleep in Sensei's lap following a wrestling match, while the boys played Street Fighter IV.

Not exactly the most traditional Thanksgiving, but definitely an enjoyable one.

Hope yours was too.


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