Friday, December 16, 2011

Lesson plans

A few nights ago I was enjoying my nightly phone call with Sensei when he said he had an idea, and needed my help. The idea that such a talented black belt as Sensei needed my assistance threw me off a little to say the least. But, I played along and asked what he needed.

He revealed that a number of the students that he teaches in the Tuesday class are somewhat unfocused, and the lack of focus almost borders on disrespect. When he teaches a technique, the students generally practice that technique only for as long as he is watching them, beginning to spar the moment his back is turned. I know that this frustrates him, and figured his idea would have something to do with this. And it did, in a way.

He told me the students have been made aware of the other class that he teaches at the school, which of course is my Handicapped Hapkido class on Thursdays, and are curious about how someone who is challenged in the ways Chad and I are can possibly practice Combat Hapkido. He then proposed that he wanted to teach even the able bodied students to fight in wheelchairs and on crutches. When I asked why, Sensei reminded me that anyone has the ability to be injured or sick.

Sensei explained that his dilemma came in knowing how to teach the students who were primarily able bodied how to use chairs and crutches easily. I told him I would be happy to help and he said he needed some sort of proposal to submit to Master Eric. The next day, in response to his request I drafted two lesson plans. One focuses on the use of wheelchairs in Combat Hapkido, the other focuses on using crutches. Both lesson plans have been approved by Master Markus, Master Eric, Anthony, and Sensei. That said I will be posting my completed lesson plans here.

Feedback is much appreciated.


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