Friday, December 16, 2011

The Path

The Path

I was carried
Led through the motions
I crawled
Was watched over
Began exploring on my own
I walked hand in hand
Still guided
But sometmes taking
Those few steps ahead
I stand independent
But still supported
Climbing hills
Forging my path
In future
I will guide others
Though their paths will branch from mine
I will help them on their journeys.

I act
With honor
I speak
With respect
I listen
With compassion
I learn
From all around me
I discover
My true strength

The path is long
And though I may grow weary
I am spurred on
By those who have made this pilgrimage before.
Someday I will stand with them
Walking side by side
For this journey is never truly complete.
I know
I am a part of an ancient tradition
One that carries
Honor, Dignity, Respect, and Duty
It is a heavy burden
But one I carry with pride
For I chose the path of the warrior
And I am making it my own.

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