Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Birthday <3

As I stated in my previous post, we were not dismissed right away after our end of class routine. Master Eric stayed talking to us while Sensei disappeared into the office. I was a little suspicious that what he was doing might have something to do with my birthday, but then again everyone had already acknowledged it, and I'd gotten just what I wanted: to spend my birthday somewhere that I felt safe and loved.

Well it turned out my sneaking suspicion was right. Sensei came back carrying a huge cake, with two candles on top denoting my age. The candles were blown out and "Happy Birthday" was sung, much to my happy embarrassment. Master Eric had also been in on the plan, because as soon as the cake business was done he dismissed us. The cake was cut, and as is tradition, I got the first piece.

Most of my classmates stayed for cake and Master Eric, Master Markus, and Miss Linda had some too. Pictures were taken, and we chatted for awhile. Just when I thought there couldn't be any more surprises, Danny reached into his belongings and pulled out some Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Apparently, while Sensei had been in charge of procuring my cake, Danny had been put on present detail. Not only that, but Danny informed me that the owners of the game shop where I play Dungeons and Dragons had contributed toward the cost of the cards so the present was from them as well.

Shortly after that I said my thank yous and took the leftover cake home. All in all a very pleasant birthday.


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