Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Its Official/New Weapon

Several times in this blog I have made reference to dojang ettiquite. One of the biggest things that this involves is dress code. The rules at Equa Do state that if you have earned your belt/dobok you should be wearing it during class. If you remove the dobok top, you must be wearing an Equa Do shirt. This is a matter of pride and respect. As of yet, you all know that I have not tested for my first belt and as such do not have a dobok. However, while at Gurnee Days this past weekend I was given an Equa Do shirt as a gift from my instructors for all my hard work. And of course I took the pictures to prove it. I was so proud to wear it last night in class.

The other thing I was given last weekend was a Protek Key. The Protek Key is a keychain weapon that looks like an elongated and slightly too wide plastic key. The base is gripped with the fingers as if clenching it in a fist, but the pointer finger is extended and the thumb is laid along the top of the base. It is used to strike an opponent's pressure points or assist with joint locks. All in all, quite a useful new weapon. Even better it is top notch in terms of portability, obviously. I have just begun learning all the ways it can be incorporated into an encounter but I love it. I would definitely recommend getting one to those who can make sure they receive the proper training. Also, readers should be aware that keychain weapons are not legal everywhere and should check regulations before training with them.

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