Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Wish for a Friend

I'd actually been meaning to post this for several weeks but it always sort of slipped my mind. Anyone reading this blog knows about Anthony, the instructor in charge of the Combat Hapkido classes at the dojo. Shortly after my first night of formal training (see post "Family"), Anthony underwent surgery to remove a growth on his back. From what I was told the growth was non cancerous and Anthony is currently recovering well.

However, living with Cerebral Palsy means I have simply had far too many surgeries. Thankfully, none of them have been for anything life-threatening. But I know the support of others is a crucial element to recovery.

Sensei looks at Anthony as a brother, and since I see Sensei as my father, Anthony is very important to me as well. I also know that cyberspace is full of wonderful people who would offer any prayers and support needed.

I am asking that those who read this blog post please say a prayer or think kind and healing thoughts for Anthony. He is greatly missed in class, and I am hopeful that the last few weeks of his recovery will progress smoothly and he will be back with us soon.


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