Thursday, August 4, 2011


Anticipation, waiting, bated breath
Is it time yet?
Master Eric, smiling.
Greeting me warmly.
DADDY! (Sensei)
He knows all the ways to make me smile.
Clock, watching, the last few minutes.
Tense, like a coiled spring
Its time to train.
Bow in.
Respect is paramount
Line up, warm up, loosen up.
I am confident.
A new skill.
Another step closer to earning my next belt
Focus, commitment
Without either, I will fail.
And failure is NOT an option.
Epiphany. Understanding.
Fluidity and ease of movement.
Fast...faster still
Growing in power, growing in strength.
Elation. Celebration.
Sensei's eyes are kind, pleased.
I've made him proud.
Hugs, praise.
Then demonstration for Master Eric.
His smile matches Sensei.
Time evaporates.
It seems as if I've only blinked.
But an hour has gone by.
Fatigue, pride.
Stand at attention.
Bow out.
I am grateful for my training space.
Daddy reminds me of the joy in my life.
Still ticklish...hasn't changed.
Hugs. Leaving. See you soon.
Yet I feel as if I'm leaving my home.
Is it time to go back yet?

A poem about training. Enjoy.

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